Case Study: North Broad Street Renaissance Donor Packet

Case Study: North Broad Street Renaissance Donor Packet

Strategy: Create a donor packet for events and future campaigns branded with the NBR logo and visual look.

NBR logo

The North Broad Renaissance (NBR) is a Philadelphia non-profit looking to revitalize the community on North Broad Street from City Hall to Germantown Avenue. They want to create opportunities, improve the economic power and overall quality of life along North Broad. 

NBR was gearing up for a full scale donor campaign and tapped us to integrate the new donor materials with their existing visual identity.

Glossy Folder
8.5 x 11 Case Statement
5.5 x 8.5 Case Statement Booklet
Fundraising Letter
News Article
Investment sheets
Strategic Priorities Sheet

“I have worked with Ron on many projects. He has the design skills to create a finished product that is unique and engaging. Also, his knowledge of brand identity has helped us position ourselves well with our audience. As a nonprofit leader, I am grateful to have access to such a great designer.”
–Anita Lyndaker-Studer, Executive Director at Oxford Circle CCDA.

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